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Ava Taylor

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The Smith’s like to party and they weren’t about to let the fact that they had kids interrupt their fun.  Almost every weekend they would get a babysitter so that they could go out and enjoy themselves.  They never used the same girl twice.  They loved the challenge and excitement they got from trying to seduce the young girls.  It was a very rare occasion when they did not succeed in getting the innocent, unsuspecting teens into their bed.  This went on for years until they finally met Sally.  Once they met Sally they never used another girl again.  As you can see, it was Sally’s appetite for Mrs. Smith’s cream pie that made her the permanent babysitter.  In fact, they’ve been using Sally for so long now that she’s become a part of the family.  Sally’s parents are so comfortable with the Smith’s that they’ve decided to allow her to stay overnight, so that the Smith’s can enjoy their nights out without having to come home early so that Sally could get home at a decent hour.  Little do Sally’s parents know, the Smith’s stopped going out months ago.  Instead they just pretend to need Sally’s services so that she can stay overnight and eat as many of Mrs. Smith’s cream pies as she’d like.

What a hot video, very lucky guy.

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Add my kik and chat!

Breaking the cycle of just posting stuff on here.. I’d love to have more interaction with other tumblr peeps… especially if they are in Shanghai.

Add my kik: nexuslux

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KIK Messenger: Braeui
Girls only

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